Universal Utilities offer manufactured home communities, municipalities, multifamily, residential, and commercial properties complete water and waste-water management. From installation of meters to collection of bills.

Universal Utilities eliminates community water and utility responsibilities. By partnering with Universal Utilities for billing, collection, installations and service of your utilities, communities can reduce utility expenses. This will increase net operating income immediately, in addition to increasing property value.

Universal Utilities provides a real-time billing solution for multi-housing, commercial, and municipality requirements.

Our user friendly internet software offers real time billing ledgers, up to date residential account information, and a multitude of management reports. Residents have the ability to access their account information on-line and make various types of payments.

Regardless of the size or structure of your organization, Universal Utilities empowers your select staff to receive the information that is pertinent to their position. This flexibility can accommodate your needs now, and for the future.

What Is Submetering?

Typically a multi-tenant property has either one master meter for the entire property or a meter for each building and the property is responsible for the entire utility bill. Submetering allows property owners who supply utilities to their tenants the ability to account for each tenant’s usage in measurable terms. By fairly billing each tenant for their portion, submetering promotes conservation and offsets the expense of bills generated from a master meter, maintenance and improvements for well water systems, lagoon, or septic systems.

Why Submeter With Universal Utilities?

According to studies by the Manufactured Home Association, National Apartment Association and the National Multi Housing Council, residents who pay for their own water usage consume up to 39% less in water, compared to when water costs are included in their rent. The money saved can be used to further increase the property value; a win-win for residents and owners.

Water Metering Systems

Universal Utilities offers a variety of metering systems based on the needs of the property. Universal Utilities recognizes each property’s requirements differ from one another. Our knowledgeable staff can identify which of our products and services will meet your needs.

Rent Billing

Whether the property is an apartment complex, storage unit, or commercial property, Universal Utilities can handle the billing, collection, accounting, and auditing of all your rent billing requirements.

Rubs Billing

We can bill for multi-unit properties like apartments, condominiums, and other residential or commercial properties where the plumbing doesn’t allow for individual meter installation but require a fair and equitable way to bill for utilities.


Universal Utilities has been servicing our sub metering water and sewer needs since August of 2003. We had just been hooked up to a municipal water source and we were facing the decision of metering, reading, billing, and maintaining our own system. With all the demands of the community our size we felt it best to contract this work. This allowed us to focus our attention on the many needs of our community…Their customer service, both to us and to our residents, along with their tenacity for collections has been exemplary…Their staff is warm and courteous yet disciplined enough to handle the problems that are normally associated with dealing with the public.

Bob Weaver

Parkhurst Estates, MI
By instaling the meters and doing it this way (with Universal Utilities), it has saved us great deal of money…Residents can be wasteful when they don’t have to pay the bill…so when you bill a resident, it raises awareness.

Carol Damewood

Owner-Forum Communities, IL