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Sub-metering Utilities

Offering complete water and utility management from installation to collection of bills, thus, eliminating community water and utility responsibilities. By partnering with Universal Utilities for billing, collection, installations and service of your utilities, communities can reduce utility expenses and increase net operating income immediately; in addition to increasing property the value.

Current Property Managers & Owners

Rental Property Sub Meter Utility Management, See our resource page for managers and property owners. Learn how to set up and manage your account.

Current Customers

Sub metered utilities can help reduce the expenses of your utility bills. You have a right to fair and accurate utility metering. Learn how to manage your account.

Our Services


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We are committed to providing excellent service and quality technology to our customers!

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If you have missed submitting a payment by the shutoff notice due date, our system will NOT allow you to pay online or through the automated phone system. If this occurs, please contact our customer service department during our normal business hours 810-233-3113. Mon-Thurs 7:15 AM – 5 PM EST