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Offering complete water and utility management from installation to collection of bills, thus, eliminating community water and utility responsibilities. By partnering with Universal Utilities for billing, collection, installations and service of your utilities, communities can reduce utility expenses and increase net operating income immediately; in addition to increasing property the value. Contact us today! 

Utility Billing Solutions

Universal Utilities provides a real-time billing solution for multi-housing, commercial or municipality requirements. Our system offers real time billing ledgers, up to date residential account information, and a multitude of management reports. Residents have access to their account information through our website. We offer multiple payment methods for residents to make their payments quickly and easily; Including online payments, automated phone system, speaking with a Universal Utilities representative, mail, and in person.


Universal Utilities provides sub-meter installation, maintenance and billing services. Utility sub-metering is a cost-effective method of dramatically reducing utility consumption, while increasing your property values.

In addition to the environmental benefits that result from conservation, there is also an economic advantage to the owners of the community. Without the burden of increasing utility costs, owners have more flexibility in establishing rental rates and prioritizing improvements at their communities.

Commitment to People

Universal Utilities takes a proactive approach, educating tenants on water conservation tips, providing leak detection, and working with owners and managers in conservation strategies to help lower costs. Our team’s focus is providing accurate information to the residents, owners, and managers.

Residents can access their own accounts on-line or by calling our toll free number 24/7. Our professional customer service staff is available to assist you Monday through Thursday, 7:15am-5:15pm, EST. Managers and owners have a dedicated representative to call for immediate assistance during our normal business hours.

Commitment to Quality

Universal Utilities values feedback from tenants and property management for continual quality assurance. Universal Utilities, staff, and technicians are committed to provide excellent service to our clients. Customer Care is an integral part here at Universal Utilities, our team’s core principles propel us to stay ahead of the competition and meet the needs of our customers. As we move forward, Universal Utilities will evolve to meet your next generation of business challenges, while continually helping you to improve your bottom line and stay ahead of the competition. 

System Technology

Universal Utilities offers a wide variety of services. We can customize an individual plan for your property which may include some or all of our metering and billing services. Regardless of the size of the structure of your organization, Universal Utilities empowers your select staff to receive the information that is pertinent to their position. This flexibility can accommodate your needs now, and for the future.